Our website is a work in progress and there will certainly be glitches! Please contact us if you run into any problems.

If we find items that are incorrectly priced, we have the right to correct the mistakes.

We have the right to limit quantities and/or change prices at will of special releases, limited editions, limited runs and first run models based on supply and demand.

If the shopping cart fails to calculate the S&H accurately we have the right to correct it and charge accordingly.

The shopping cart will not calculate the shipping & handling (S&H) correctly for baskets that are shipped in more than one package and/or have a pole that ships separately. This is the case for the Innova Pro Model, Discraft ChainStar and DGA Mach baskets. Contact us for accurate shipping rates.

On orders large enough to require multiple packages, the S&H may not be accurate. We have the right to make corrections. If there is a significant difference in what the shopping cart calculates, we will contact you before shipping.

We try very hard to keep information up to date. However, manufacturers change the looks of their logos periodically so some images of products may not be the exact look you will receive. If you have a strong preferrence for one or another, please state that in the comments section during check-out or contact us.

The website offers general guidelines for us if your preferred colors and/or weight ranges are not available. But if we need to contact you regarding your order, our standard procedure is to email first. If there is no reply by the next day we call. If we have not received a response within 10 days of first contact, we cancel your order. We have found this is better than sending substitutions that may be unsatisfactory.

About Shipping -
Note that the shipping option for Priority Mail says "Priority Mail 2 - 3 Day". This is wording that we can't change, but it is NOT necessarily a 2 - 3 day gaurantee. It is just Priority Mail. Most packages get delivered within 1 - 3 days but may take more depending on your location. Once we give the packages to the PO, they are in their hands. We have no control over what happens.

We do our best to get orders out the door ASAP. Most go out the same day. Others may go out the next day if we are waiting on a reply to questions about your order. Some orders for heavy-duty baskets may take up to 2 -3 days to process depending on work loads.

Our USPS packages go out before noon Monday - Friday. If your order comes in close to noon on Friday, it may not go out until Monday.

UPS orders are picked up usually between 3 - 6pm.

NOTE: We will ship out your orders on time.  If there are any delivery delays to your order due to issues with UPS/FedEx/USPS or mother nature, no refunds will be provided, as they are out of our control.   Please double-check the receipt for any errors (shipping address, quantities, sizes, items, etc).  Charges will apply for reshipping or reprinting items.