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Disc golf is an amazing way of living, which is why Kastaplast is up to the challenge of exploring, designing and developing products that won’t let you down.

Officially founded in 2013, it has been an ongoing project since 2011. The people behind Kastaplast are Anders Källström, Per Jonson and Jonas Lindberg. Based at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm, Kastaplast brings new technology into the sport. Professionals in aerodynamics and engineering using state-of-the-art working tools like 3D printing and computer flight simulation are involved in designing. But technology stuff aside, results are always based on extensive field testing.

Kastaplast translates “throw plastic,” which is what we all love to do. Let’s Kastaplast!

Kastaplast offers 3 lines of plastic for disc golf:

K1 - super durable - nice combination of firmness and gumminess - both solid and translucent colors
K2 - very durable like K1 - more flexibility and more grippy - both solid and translucent colors
K3 - base line plastic - grippy in all conditions - worked-in feel pretty quickly - medium soft compared to other brands’ base plastics
K1 Glow - same super durable plastic as K1 -  powered with glow!

View the Kastaplast Flightchart   kastaplast-flight-chart

Brand: Kastaplast
This Kastaplast K2 Glow Berg features the Limited Edition Team Series 2019 stamp. It is the 1st glow disc in the K2 line!$6 per disc will benefit Kastaplast Team Players. Available in 173-176g only.The Kastaplast K2 Berg is a slow stable putt and approach disc for fearless putts, short drives an..
Brand: Kastaplast
The Kastaplast K1 Glow Grym X is a stable distance driver that provides a well-balanced combination of accuracy and glide. It is designed to be a solid dependable main driver that experienced players want. Grym translate to cruel, ferocious, vicious or fierce. As the name implies, Grym X is the beef..
Brand: Kastaplast
The Kastaplast K1 Glow Kaxe Z is a straight midrange to fairway driver. It is essentially a beadless Kaxe and referred to as a slightly seasoned Kaxe with a laser straight flight and good glide.With this disc Kastaplast introduced the Z as in Zero, indicating less stability than the original mol..
Brand: Kastaplast
The Kastaplast K1 Rask Glow is an overstable distance driver with a new take on aerodynamics. Rask is a concept disc based on Kastaplast’s invention for drag reduction. It’s the most streamlined disc to date (2016).Rask needs a lot of speed to fly, making it best suitable for power throwers and ..
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