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Starter Sets

Starter Sets take away the worry for beginners trying to decide where to start!!! They're the perfectly simple solution to getting into disc golf. They make really great gifts too!

These sets contain beginner friendly discs that are the easiest to control and learn. Get the feel for throwing these and then you'll be ready for more. Top pros use these models too, so they aren't just for beginners. They will stay a part of your vital arsenal.

Each set included a long range driver, a mid range driver and a putter. The prices vary based on the quality of the bag and/or discs. We offer many disc golf starter sets. Some come with discs and a bag, some without a bag. Some contain discs of the least expensive plastic, some with premium plastics and some with a mix.

Since bags have different features, you can read about each below and/or view our Small Bag Comparison video.

There are lots of choices, so contact us if you need help or want to customize your starter set. We have been in business since 1987 and throwing even longer. We love what we do and we are here to help!

Brand: Prodigy
Prodigy ACE Line 5 Piece Starter Disc Golf Set - This lightweight set is all you need to begin playing disc golf! This set includes 3 discs for all the necessary shots on the course (a Fairway Driver, Mid Range Disc and a Putt & Approach Disc), a starter bag, and even a mini. These discs have be..
Brand: Innova
Please Note: If we are out of stock on a certain model, discs may be substituted with another disc with similar flight numbers.This Innova DX Starter Disc Golf Set begins with the Innova Starter Bag and three Innova DX Discs including a driver, midrange and putter.The Innova Starter Bag feat..
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