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Disc Golf Wholesale Order Forms

Current processing time: 2-3 business days

We have four types of order forms:

Full Order Form - This Google Doc has 7 sheets and lists just about everything we carry. It's pretty simple and basic in that it allows you to order by brand, plastic and model only. It does not allow you to order by weight categories or bag color for instance. But we will send you the widest variety of weights and colors we can. If you have general guidelines you want us to follow (e.g. 'all heavy', 'no pink', etc) please put them in the notes sections.

You can edit this form 2 ways:

Easy Order Form - On this Word document you can order an assortment of discs by total number of discs or the total amount of money you have budgeted. You can add notes to it as room allows. Print, fill it out, scan it and email it to us.

Make your Own Order Form - This Excel form has just one sheet that can expand to many. You type in all the information you want and email to us. This form allows you to give us more details about weight and color requests. It also allows us to sort it in the order which makes it easier for us to pull. Please put general notes about things we need to know at the TOP of the order form and notes about item details in the same row as that item.

Educational/Retail Starter Sets - This Excel form has 2 sheets (with drop down menus). The first sheet is for Educational Disc Bundles, while the second sheet is for Retail Starter Set Bundles. The Educational Disc Bundles are great for schools, church camps, youth groups, etc. You have the option of ordering either 24 or 48 disc bundles, with 1, 2 or 3 discs in each bundles and different weight ranges for each. The 140 - 159 weight range is best for smaller children, the 160 - 169 weight range is ideal for mixed player functions and the 170 - 176 weight range is great for stronger players. The Retail Starter Sets are a great resource for stores who have recently decided to carry disc golf items. We put together an assortment of discs for you that have proven to be great sellers. You can choose either 48 or 72 discs to start out with, and can also choose to have your 72 disc set to include tie-dyed discs or a display rack. You can email the completed order form to us.

Lightning DB5 Drop Ship order form- Submit this order form to for multiple basket orders.


Kastaplast Order Form

You can edit this form 2 ways: