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A disc golf towel is another one of those essential disc golf accessories. Innova, Discraft and DGA offer several types in cotton terry, micro fiber, shammy cloth and more.

Our tie dyed towels come in four exceptionally colorful patterns. As a bonus feature, we attached an extra-large grommet that fits over a carabiner midway along the edge of the towel to keep the towel from dragging on the ground.

Brand: Millennium
Millennium Microfiber Disc Golf Towel - These high quality, diamond weave towels are screen printed with the Millennium Badge logo. Each towel has a grommet and carabiner. Must-have disc golf accessories. Size 16" x 16"..
Brand: Millennium
Millennium Disc Golf Towch - When you need a towel, but you'd also like it to hold onto the item you're drying, you need a towel that's also a pouch... a Towch®!It's inspired a lot of other products, but remains a staple for those disc golfers who wish to use it as a towel, a pouch, a putter pocket ..
Brand: Kastaplast
Kastaplast Towel - made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide and comes in a little Kastaplast bag. Grab some today to add to your disc golf accessories!Size: 15.5" X 24.5"..
A Towch® is a simple, but ingenious product. It's a Pouch. It's a Towel. And it can even be a hat!The smooth outside is high strength cotton. The inside is a course, looped cotton fabric for textured cleaning power. To use it, you simply put your disc in it and wipe it clean without getting your..
Brand: Innova
Innova has improved on the disc golf towel. The Innova DewFly towel measures 17" by 17", it's made of buttery soft microsuede fabric that doesn't cling to leaves and other debris if dropped on the ground. It is super absorbent, lint free, and machine washable. The convenient fabric loop won't scratc..
Brand: DGA
Back in stock, larger size.The DGA Disc-Dri disc golf towel is the ideal towel for drying off your wet discs. It is super absorbent soaking up to 4 times its weight and wrings out almost completely dry. You can even keep it in your pocket. Light weight and as durable as it is compact with new la..
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