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Custom Hot Stamping

Boost your Tournaments and Special Events with a Custom Hot Stamp Design!

We prefer requests are made 4 weeks prior to event. Accommodations can be made in emergency cases.

Custom Hot Stamp
- Minimum of 50 discs / 25 discs per model
- Many plastic types to choose from
- $80 one-time stamp die engraving fee for new art
- $20 set up fee
- $.10 Per Disc Stamping Fee

Custom M-Color - No Minimums
- Available on limited models of Millennium Standard and Sirius Plastic.
- $3.75 per disc which usually is cost effective for orders smaller than 50 because there is no die, set up or stamping fee
- Full color ranges available, prints cover most of the top of disc, very little artwork requirements

Artwork Specs
- Must contain the tournament name (date optional) in the design
- Some brands are available for promotion of a store or other events besides tournaments
- Maximum Diameter: 5 1/4"
- Please avoid very fine lines and details that are small, as they will not reproduce well from uneven distribution of stamping pressure.
- Minimum Line Width: .5 points, 0.007"
- Maximum Line Width: 18 points, 0.25"
- Please try to leave space in the center of your design. The sprue on the underside of the disc can cause drop outs.
- Please avoid large solid areas in your design larger than a thumbnail.
- Please submit design as 100% black on white with no grayscale, 300dpi or higher, camera ready.
- Please use text size 12pt or higher and provide ample space between each character for best results.
- Acceptable formats include: .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tif, .jpg, .eps.

Contact us to get started or for additional information!