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Light Weight - Metal

These light weight portable disc golf baskets are all metal 'recreational' quality and suitable as back yard practice baskets that can withstand more weather than the collapsible types. They are PDGA approved for tournament play.

We have the expertise to help you find the basket that’s right for you and your budget. Contact us for expert advice, multiple basket rates, shipping quotes and any other questions.

Brand: Axiom Discs
The Axiom Pro Portable Basket brings six bright vivid colors to the MVP Black Hole Pro Portable Basket. The tough powder-coated colors cover the all metal basket from head to toe except for the chains. Otherwise, the specs are identical to the MVP Black Hole Pro.The Axiom Pro Portable is a top n..
Brand: DGA
The DGA Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket is an advanced and innovative lightweight all-metal disc golf basket that has three different catching positions:Standard Shift Position: Standard catching area with two rows of chain. Advanced Shift Position: All chains hang from the center 12..
The Dynamic Discs Marksman Basket is a lightweight metal portable basket that is narrower, slimmer than regular baskets. It sharpens your mental game by forcing you to focus more while putting. The results are more repeatable putts and making you a better putter. With this disc golf practice basket ..
The Dynamic Discs Junior Recruit Basket mimics its bigger counterpart, the Recruit basket. It features 13 zinc-coated chains, a two-piece pole for easy assembly and a sturdy base. With an assembled weight of 28 pounds, the Junior Recruit is sturdy enough to avoid imbalances while being light enough ..
The Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket is a lightweight metal portable basket. The Recruit has 26 zinc coated strands of chains on two layers, 13 inner and 13 outer. The top, pole, basket and base are electrophoresed first and then powder coated for extra protection from natural elements. It has tens..
Brand: Gateway
The Gateway Bullseye portable disc golf basket is designed to allow players to improve their putting and mid-range games by providing only one 12″ ring of 15 chains on top, thus a smaller target. It easily assembles and disassembles without pins or hardware for easy transport.The Bullseye basket i..
Brand: Innova
The Innova DISCatcher Sport is easily portable and can be moved from location to location with minimum effort. It is available in four hammer-finish colors: red, white, blue and the traditional Innova yellow. Pound some serious putts on one of the world's most popular & best catching practice ta..
Brand: Innova
The Innova DISCatcher Sport24 has more chains for better catching. This portable disc golf basket features 24 galvanized chains (18 outer, 6 inner), just what you should expect in a pro-level target.24 chains (18 outer, 6 inner) PDGA approved for tournament play Five parts assemble quickly and..
Latitude 64 ProBasket Skill - Portable Latitude 64 ProBasket Skill - Portable
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The Latitude 64 ProBasket Skill is a lightweight portable disc golf basket for players that want to improve their putting skills. With its narrow profile, it will make putting practice hard and fun. It makes competitions easy when transitioning from the ProBasket Skill to a tournament basket. With a..
Brand: MVP
The MVP Black Hole™ Practice Portable Basket - designed for high quality, light weight, and affordability. This light weight metal disc golf basket has two tiers of light-duty chains equidistantly oriented for reducing cut through and pole bounces. It makes a great back yard practice basket.Black ..
Brand: MVP
The MVP Black Hole™ Precision Portable Basket - designed to hone your putting skills with unforgiving precision. The single 12 inch diameter tier with 12 chains narrows your focus on the target area.Black Hole Precision Features:Seamless Matte Black color Electrophoresed first stage fol..
Brand: MVP
The MVP Black Hole™ Pro Portable Basket - designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course. Made of lighter weight materials than the Portal, the Pro Portable with 2 tiers of chains makes a great catching back yard practice basket as well as a PDGA approved disc golf basket for temp..
Brand: MVP
The MVP Black Hole™ Pro Portable Basket - designed for the most realistic basket experience off the course. The Pro HD has 3 tiers of chains making it a great catching back yard practice basket as well as a PDGA approved disc golf basket for temporary courses.Please note that this basket is shippe..
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