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Without socks, disc golf would be a lot harder.

Waterproof socks are such a wise investment in disc golf apparel! Just one round of disc golf with dry feet in wet conditions will convince you! You'll wonder why you put off the purchase for so long!

Millennium’s socks by ProFeet have nice padding, wicking technology for moisture management and keeping your feet dry. These will quickly become your favorite socks to play disc golf in.

Innova Socks are just plain ole fun!

Brand: Millennium
Millennium Performance Socks provide full foot comfort that is unmatched! That is why we agree with Pro Feet when they say they are the most technically advanced performance sock ever made. They're not only fun but a very crucial part of your disc golf apparel.They feature moisture wicking polyp..
Waterproof Crew-Length Socks by SealSkinz  Mid-calf height - 11"BreathableScent guardSilent Knit TechnologyAbrasion ResistantWind proofThree layers, securely bonded together throughout:Outer shell - Nylon/Lycra/Spandex offering a durable , flexible, stretch ..
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