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MVP Disc Sports was founded in 2010. MVP discs have a unique over-molded edge that is soft and tacky yet allows flexibility and firmness in the body. A softer outside edge aides in grabbing the chains and dropping the disc into the basket. The edge where the flight plate meets the rim is rounded, providing a comfortable grip so your fingers conform to the disc.

The patent-pending GYRO™ Overmold Technology is a dual-polymer concept that allows the central core to be molded with a different material than the outer rim. It allows the outer rim to be heavier than the inside central core creating a gyroscopic effect which stabilizes the disc's flight and helps it maintain angular momentum to produce straighter, longer, and more accurate results.

MVP offers these lines of plastic:

Electron - baseline material that has tactile boutique blends for superb grip. Designed to wear slowly with use. Provides added glide and neutral flight with wear. Available in soft flexibility for putters. New in Jan 2015.
Proton - most durable plastic, abrasion resistance from impact, very slow wear, very long life, bright transparent colors with no contaminating weighting agents.
Neutron - premium polymer blend, durability of Proton, wide variety easy-to-spot neon colors, unique look and feel, reliable performance in all conditions.
Eclipse Glow Proton - same durable Proton plastic with a bright white outer ring heavily concentrated with the brightest glow phosphors. Glow discs with vivid color choices.
Fission - imperceptible micro-bubbles make ultra lightweight discs. Fission brings advanced disc physics and true high-tech molding into the lightweight plastics arena.
Plasma - advanced polymer provides added glide of the mildly domed material, excellent grip, flex, and visual appeal. A highly durable semi-gummy, grippy flex premium blend. Features a metallic sheen on the core plastic, “Color-shift” tones in select color options. New in Feb 2015.

Skulboy Designs - created by artist Duncan Crawford for the world of disc golf. As a sculptor for TV and movie sets, a long-time black and while illustrator and a disc golf enthusiast, Skulboy has made his mark on the sport with discs stamped with his gritty skull inspired, comic book, monster movie like dark fantasy characters. Skulboy designs are featured on some MVP models as well as some Axiom and Legacy Discs models. To find a list of all discs with Skulboy designs, type 'Skulboy' in the search box and it will populate a full list.

MVP now has a 4 number flight rating system. With this system players can get a quick idea of how a disc is designed to fly and dealers will have the tools to accurately help customers find the best disc for them.

We offer these ways to narrow your search. Let us know if you need more help. We've been in the business since the mid 80's and throwing even longer. We are here to help.

Axiom Shuttle Disc Golf Backpack Axiom Shuttle Disc Golf Backpack
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Brand: MVP
The Axiom Shuttle Disc Golf Backpack is perfect for quick rounds or making the move to a backpack style bag to expand your options out on course, and a perfect complement to the wildly popular MVP Shuttle. The main compartment is designed to hold 12-16 discs, the side pocket is capable of holding up..
Brand: MVP
MVP Beaker V2 Competition Disc Golf Bag - Revamped and ready to hit the ground running, the Beaker V2 is an ideal practice or second bag. Holding 15-18 discs in total, the Beaker V2 hits the sweet spot for carrying capacity, while the high-quality 900D Polyester fabric provides the durability player..
Brand: MVP
MVP Nucleus V2 Tournament Disc Golf Bag - The Nucleus has been redesigned from the ground up to fit the needs of the growing disc golf market. The Nucleus V2 is upgraded to 900D Polyester material, more disc storage, and an enhanced design for use with the Rover® Cart system. The dual side zippered..
MVP Rover Disc Golf Cart MVP Rover Disc Golf Cart
Free Shipping* Out Of Stock
Brand: MVP
The MVP Rover Disc Golf Cart is the first cart from MVP designed to take the weight off your shoulders. This caddy on the go provides a smooth stable ride and conveniently carries your equipment, leaving more energy for many rounds of disc golf! The Rover Cart is lightweight, highly expandable, has ..
MVP Shuttle Disc Golf Backpack MVP Shuttle Disc Golf Backpack
Out Of Stock
Brand: MVP
The MVP Shuttle Disc Golf Backpack is a new compact light backpack with a great disc capacity. It is perfect for quick rounds or making the move to a backpack style bag to expand your options out on course. The main compartment is designed to hold 12-14 discs with the top compartment holding 2..
Brand: MVP
The MVP Cell V2 Disc Golf Bag is the entry-level disc bag built to carry your essentials out on the course. It can hold 6 to 10 discs in its main compartment, and 2 more in the putter sleeve and your personal items in an inner mesh pocket. The new Cell bags have been upgraded to more abrasion ..
Brand: MVP
This is the MVP Voyager V2 Disc Golf Backpack. The Voyager Series Version 2 bags feature new materials and design while maintaining popular features from version 1 bags. They have been upgraded to the Cordura 1000D material. This is lighter weight, abrasion-resistant, durable premium fabric, m..
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