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Dry Hands & Rain Gear

Disc golf is an ALL-WEATHER sport especially for die-hards. We have jackets, umbrellas, socks including waterproof socks and products used to keep your hands dry during hot clammy sweaty weather.

Dry hand products are essential disc golf accessories, a must during humid or rainy conditions. Keep your hands and discs dry so you don't miss that putt or botch that drive! A Birdie Bag, Bogey Free Bag or Tite Grip will do the trick.

Brand: Millennium
The Millennium Umbrella is a true disc golf umbrella. It’s large for plenty of coverage for you, your bag, and maybe even your caddy. It’s double-layered with ventilation so strong wind gusts won’t lift you into space, and its plastic handle won’t absorb water - helping keep your hands dry for your ..
Crosspoint Classic Lightweight Waterproof Socks will solve the soggy toe problem and keep your feet dry on the rainy course. These socks are fully waterproof thanks to 3-layers: a wear resistant knit exterior (feels like a regular sock), a waterproof breathable Artex membrane, and a Coolmax FX moist..
Brand: Kastaplast
The Kastaplast Sportsack is a hand drying product designed for disc golfers. Sportsacks add a little tack while absorbing wetness. Must-have disc golf accessories for humid weather and wet rounds...
Innova Umbrella Innova Umbrella
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Brand: Innova
The Innova Umbrella won't let rain dampen your fun! They are large and ventilated. The square design covers a large area and remains in place when set down, protecting gear from the elements and allowing players to throw stress-free.Essential disc golf accessories! Proto Pattern comes in Red or ..
Innova Sportsack
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Brand: Innova
The Innova Sportsack is a hand drying product designed for disc golfers. When a towel isn't getting your hands dry enough for a big throw, reach for the Innova Sportsack with its unique hygroscopic filling that adds a little tack while absorbing wetness.For the most consistent grip available, th..
Waterproof Crew-Length Socks by SealSkinz  Mid-calf height - 11"BreathableScent guardSilent Knit TechnologyAbrasion ResistantWind proofThree layers, securely bonded together throughout:Outer shell - Nylon/Lycra/Spandex offering a durable , flexible, stretch ..
Birdie Bags
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The Birdie Bag has become a staple in disc golf. Grip, touch and feel are very essential in the game. Perspiration or a wet golf disc can wreak havoc with your throw. Birdie bags are the solution.These cloth bags are filled with a super absorbent thirsty blend of kiln dried hardwood powder. The..
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