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Latitude Opto Bite Puppy Frisbee Latitude Opto Bite Puppy Frisbee
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Latitude 64 Opto Bite Puppy - This is the smaller version of the Bite. Perfect for you and your small canine friend. You can throw it with ease due to the lighter weight. Still it features the same good qualities as its big brother: Super durable, puncture resistant and with a controllable flight pa..
Brand: Hero
The Hero Disc SuperStar is made in the USA in conjunction with the master molders at Innova Champion Discs. These K-9 Candy discs feature puncture and bite resistant champion plastic in a wide range of vivid eye catching translucent colors.The SuperStar is 235 mm in diameter and weighs 132 grams..
Brand: Discraft
The Discraft Sky-Styler is the choice of freestylers around the world. It's perfectly weighted for brushing and guiding, and has been used by more World Champion Freestylers than any other.Not for pros only though... it's also an excellent all-around catch disc.Weight - 160 gramsVisit th..
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