Understable is a term that describes a disc's stability, its overall flight pattern, i.e. where it lands compared to from where it was thrown.

Understable Discs:
* RHBH (right hand back hand) throw will spin right and turn right during the high speed portion of the flight, when thrown flat, straight and with average power. Opposite for lefties, i.e. LHBH (left hand back hand) throw will spin left and turn left.
* Tend to turn in the direction of the spin during the initial stages of the flight. At the end of their flight as they lose speed, all spinning discs tend to fall in the opposite direction of their spin, but not so much for understable discs.
* Tend to turn in proportion to the speed of release. A fast released disc goes in the direction of its spin longer and further before it eventually falls off to left at the tail end of its flight. A slowly released disc will not see much movement in the direction of the spin and will fly straight and fall off opposite the direction of the spin as it loses speed. In other words, an understable disc will often fly stable to overstable at low speed.
* Easiest for new players to control, and will provide the most distance for beginning disc golfers.
* Great for beginners but used by pros and experienced players for various specialty shots.
* Use for anhyzer shots on a dogleg right or for roller shots.
* Generally should not be used in a headwind as they are too unpredictable.

The Stability of Innova discs is described in more detail by Turn and Fade, the 3rd and 4th numbers in the flight ratings, that together determine a disc's overall stability.

* High Speed Turninnova flight rating turn refers to the initial part of the flight when a disc has a tendency to turn or bank to the right for right handed back hand (RHBH) throwers, left for LHBH thrower. Ratings are from -5 to +1.
Lower ratings of -5 to -2 contribute to understability. A disc with a -5 rating offers the least resistance therefore will turn the easiest while a +1 rating is most resistant to turning. Discs rated -5 to -2 make good roller discs and are considered understable.
* Low Speed Fadeinnova flight rating fade refers to the end of the flight. All discs tail off or hook to the left for right handed back hand (RHBH) throwers (right for LHBH throwers), but some will hook harder than others. Fade rates how fast or hard a disc will hook or fall at the end of the flight. Ratings go from 0 to 5 with 0 meaning almost no fade.
Lower ratings of 0 - 1 contribute to understability. A disc rated 0 will finish straightest with the least fade. Discs with a low fade rating are the more understable. A disc rated 5 will fade or hook hardest at the end of the flight. Discs with a high fade rating are predictable even in wind and considered more overstable.

Add the numbers of Turn and Fade.
If the total is -1 to - 5, it's understable with - 1 being just slightly understable and -5 being very understable.
If the total is 0, a disc is straight.
If the total is 1 to 5, it's overstable with 1 being straight or just slightly overstable and 5 being extremely overstable.

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