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Innova Plastics

Learn the specifics about Innova plastics - durability - feel - effect on a disc's flight characteristics (ratings):

Innova DX Line Golf Discs are produced with Deluxe plastic and offers the widest selection of models and weights. These discs are affordably priced and provide an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations. As they are used over time, DX discs eventually take on new and varied flight characteristics. Many top pros carry several DX discs of their favorite models to provide different flight patterns for different situations. Most models are available for custom hot stamping.

New DX discs start out being more overstable, but with use, will match the ratings. With continued use, the DX plastic will eventually become more understable than the ratings. Understable discs are more desirable at higher elevations.


  •     Provides superior grip that performs well in most weather situations
  •     Wears in progressively to provide new and varied flight characteristics
  •     Most economically priced of our plastic lines
  •     Offered in the widest range of weights and disc models
  •     Certain models are available in special glow-in-the-dark plastic
  •     Many models are available for Custom Hot Stamping

Innova XT line is "Xtra Tough" and has "Xtra Traction" in your hand. This plastic blend has added grip and is super durable, meaning better wear and scuff resistance.

Innova Glow Line is produced with a unique plastic that illuminates when exposed to light. It will hold a charge for a while, and can be easily recharged with a flashlight, UV light (black light) or camera flash. Glow plastic was one of Innova's first premium plastics and it has a unique gritty feel that many players like especially in Aviars and Rocs.

Innova Pro Line Golf Discs are manufactured using a special blend of plastics designed to provide unique qualities for each available model. They are more durable than DX discs and provide more grip than Champion plastic. Pro Line discs provide more glide than DX, Champion and Star discs. The special blends of Pro Line plastic can produce discs in a wide range of rigidity from the extremely soft and flexible Pro Rhyno or JK Aviar to the stiff and firm plastic of the KC Pro Aviar. Regardless of the firmness of the disc, all of the Innova Pro Line models offer unique grip ability. Many Pro Line discs are also available in colorful I-Dye designs.

New Pro discs start out being slightly less overstable.


  •     Produced from a unique blend of plastics
  •     Provide an improved grip over Champion Line plastic
  •     More durable and retain flight characteristics longer than DX Line
  •     More economical than Champion or Star Line Plastic
  •     Increased glide over Champion, Star or DX Plastic
  •     Many models available with colorful I-Dye designs

Innova R-Pro Plastic (new in 03/09 with the introduction of the Dart) is a special blend of plastic designed to provide maximum grip with increased flexibility. It features the durability of the Pro-Line, along with an enhanced rubber grip and feel. The "R" in R-Pro stands for Rubber. R-Pro Drivers are made with a stiffer blend of R-Pro while Mid-Range and Approach discs are made with a more flexible blend. All R-Pro discs offer excellent grip and feel regardless of the weather. The R-Pro disc golf discs are more flexible and consistently softer at low temperatures than most Pro blends. This makes R-Pro ideal for cold weather play. R-Pro provides the most grip of any of Innova's plastics, wet or dry. R-Pro has more grip, flexibility and durability than DX plastic. R-Pro material is good to grip and good to stick. R-Pro has great flexibility which makes it the best choice for putt & approach in cold/wet weather.


  •     Best choice for cold or wet weather
  •     Improved feel for confident putting
  •     Rubbery material absorbs impacts, lowers deflections
  •     R-Pro Hydra and Wahoo float in water
  •     Same price as Pro

Innova Champion Line Golf Discs are produced with a high tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Champion golf discs are distinguished by a clear or pearlescent plastic. Champion Line golf discs retain original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, the Champion Line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Originally designed for professional players, Champion Line discs are usually more stable than the same model in Pro, R-Pro or DX.

Champion plastic discs will retain their flight rating characteristics for a longer period of time.


  •     High quality plastic which provides superior durability and reliable performance
  •     Suitable for the increased throwing speeds of professional players
  •     Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
  •     Some models available with colorful and unique I-Dye designs
  •     Most models available for Custom Hot-Stamping

Innova Blizzard Champion plastic was introduced in February 2010. Thousands of micro bubbles are incorporated into the Champion plastic resulting in high speed premium drivers in weights all the way down to 130 grams. Models less than 140 grams are light enough to float in water! Pros and Ams alike have been breaking their personal distance records with Blizzard Champion.

The Blizzard material is just as impact resistant as regular Champion, but it does seem to be more susceptible to scuffs and abrasions. The micro bubbles at the surface of the disc create a slightly different texture than its heavier counterpart, but this is natural and does not affect the performance of the disc. It does not constitute it as an x-out or blemished product.

Discs in the 151-159 gram range (Japan Open Class) are great for any player looking to lighten up a bit.
Discs in the 140-150 gram range (True 150 Class) are great for getting the most from your arm. Easy to throw far.
Discs in the 130-139 gram range (Floats in Water) are great for effortless distance and so light that they float on water.

The Champion Glow Line is made with the same high-tech durable plastic as the Champion Line with the added benefit of glowing in the dark. Champion Glow discs are easily distinguished by their translucent greenish-yellow hue. Highly durable and easy to spot, the Champion Glow Line is perfect for Glow Disc Golf.

Innova Star Line Golf Discs were created with a special blend of grippy resilient polymers. They offer the same outstanding durability of Champion Plastic plus improved grip like Pro plastic. High performance, longevity, and superior grip describe the Star line golf discs.

Star golf discs have the same flight rating characteristics as Champion golf discs although some Star discs may be slightly more high-speed stable. They retain their flight rating characteristics for a longer period of time.


  •     Provides predictable performance
  •     Long-lasting durability even on wooded or rugged courses
  •     Good all-weather grip
  •     Ideal for those who like the durability of Champion plastic with the superior grip of Pro plastic
  •     Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
  •     Some models available with colorful and unique I-Dye designs

Innova GStar Plastic is a blend of Star that adds flexibility and even more grip. GStar discs have a smooth, gradual transition in flight and the same durability as Star Line. Like Star it's opaque, but features a pearlescent sheen.


  •     Comfortable grip
  •     Durability of Star plastic but with more flex
  •     Great for cold weather play
  •     Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics

Innova Echo Star Discs are made of discs that were once destined for the landfill. In an effort to minimize waste, Innova created a product with great characteristics that is also environmentally friendly. Echo Star plastic has shown that reprocessed plastic can be blended into high performance discs that players want. Made up of a blend of high-tech recycled plastic with a minimum of 50% pre-consumer waste, each Echo Star disc has nearly the same durability as premium plastics with a superior grip. No other disc manufacturer has been able to match this, let alone create an entire line of high-tech recycled discs.


  •     Each Echo Star disc contains 50% to 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic
  •     Even better grip than our already grippy Star plastic
  •     Limited resources means limited editions
  •     Vertical graphics reduce stamping waste by 60%
  •     Same price as Star

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