Pro D Plastic offers value and quality.

Discraft Pro D Logo

  • great for beginners and pros
  • most economical
  • superior grip
  • rainbow of colors

Elite X Plastic offers great grip.

Discraft Elite X Logo

  • excellent grip, even when wet
  • more consistent flights than D
  • superb value

Elite Z Plastic is Discraft's toughest plastic.

Discraft Z Line Logo

  • most durable
  • lasts 2-3 times longer
  • vibrant translucent colors
  • truer flights
  • choice of pros under normal condition for slower seasoning

ESP Plastic is ultra tough with outstanding grip.

Discraft ESP Logo

  • advanced polymer plastic
  • grippier than Z line
  • higher durability then X line

FLX Plastic is the best all weather plastic.

Discraft FLX Logo

  • soft and flexible
  • a special high-flex version of ESP
  • retains its form and stability
  • best all weather blend - designed as a cold weather alternative to firmer plastics, but golfers love it year around

Titanium Plastic is the top of the line.

  • ultra-premium plastic
  • pro grip and durability
  • uniquely cool appearance
  • highest performance blend


Discraft Z FLX plastic combines Z plastic with cushioning FLX plastic.


  • durable
  • beautiful opaque colors
  • all weather super grip
  • easier to grip for more controlled releases, especially in cold or wet conditions.
  • will flex under pressure without being spongy and instantly snap back into shape to retain flight characteristics.