NutSac Double Disc Golf Bag


The Double NutSac disc golf bag holds 3 to 14 discs. It's twice the size of the original AND it has ..

NutSac 2.0 Disc Golf Bag


The NutSac 2.0 is the first major upgrade of the popular NutSac Disc Golf Bag. What have they done? ..

PDGA 07' Professional World Championships DVD


Unlike any other in the PDGA's 26-year World Championship history, the 2007 Pro Worlds brought toget..

PDGA 06' Professional World Championships DVD


On the 25th Anniversary of the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, players and fans con..

PDGA 05' Professional World Championships DVD


Produced by Media Active Inc, this 90 minute DVD features excellent camera coverage of the 2005 Pro ..

Innova Krait - Champion Fundraiser Tim Selinkse U.S. Masters 2012


The Innova Krait is a distance driver with good straight line stability that handles power well. The..

Dynamic Discs 8th Annual Glass Blown Open DVD 2010


Lead Card Footage, Dynamic Duel 2 and Bonus Footage ..

Lead Group Live - 2009 USDGC DVD


Competitors Nikko Locastro, Phil Arthur, Bate Doss and David Feldberg take you on an intense journey..

Lead Group Live - 2008 USDGC DVD


Watch the Lead Group's final round with no commentary, just the sounds of the game. Then watch again..

Lead Group Live - 2007 USDGC DVD


Ken Climo does one thing better than everyone else. He wins Majors. Ken showed his dominance once ag..

Champions of Disc Golf - 2004 USDGC DVD


Ken Climo and Barry Schultz, proven champions, battle it out for the 2004 US Disc Golf Championship...

CLASH II DVD - Wintrop Gold


Doubles on steroids (2v2v2) featuring: Ken Climo and Nate Doss as "The Champs" Barry Schultz and M..

Vibram Open 2010 DVD


This two disc set includes the entire MPO rounds 2 & 3 coverage featuring the commentary of Terr..

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