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Millennium Polaris LS - Sirius

Millennium Polaris LS - Sirius

The Millennium Sirius Polaris LS (Long Straight) is a stable distance driver. It is one of the most dependable straight drivers in the history of disc golf. It took the sport by storm when originally released and immediately became the go-to driver for players everywhere. It is still the sport's best embodiment of distance, control and predictability. The LS will fly for miles downwind with a minimum of fade. In a crosswind it will hold its angle, and it will even keep its angle and speed into light and moderate headwinds. For an all-purpose disc golf driver, you can't beat it. The reason is simple: it's straight and predictable! When you need pinpoint accuracy off the tee, the Polaris LS won’t let you down. Great for beginners as well as experienced players.

In Sirius plastic, the Polaris LS has a great grip and will last longer than ever before. Experienced players tell us that it has a little extra stability, and that it gives them an even greater feeling of confidence. From 330' feet and in, hard throwers will love seeing the SPLS nestle right under the pin

Speed 6, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 1

Sirius is a premium plastic with the ultimate combination of superior grip and die-hard durability; long lasting and a nice grippy feel in opaque colors.

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