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Millennium Omega - Standard SuperSoft

Millennium Omega - Standard SuperSoft

The Millennium Omega Standard SuperSoft is a straight-stable putt and approach disc with the essential control of angle, direction, and speed you need for the game. Totally stable in virtually any wind, it is everything you want in a top-notch disc golf putter.

The Omega makes a great putter and approach disc because it gives you total control of angle, direction, and pace – the keys to success in the short game. Even if you’re outside your putting range, the Omega has the precision to get up-and-down. 160-164g is available in blue and white. 165-169g is available in black, blue, orange and red.

Millennium or Standard is a premium plastic that combines precision grip, scuff-resistance and durability at an affordable price.

SuperSoft is a premium plastic that has a soft, sticky and grippy feel that won’t let go of the chains.

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