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Millennium Omega 4 - ET Firm

Millennium Omega 4 - ET Firm

The Millennium ET Firm Omega 4 is a stable putt & approach disc and the newest rendition of the Omega Putter lineup. It's a putt & approach disc that pros and players of all skill levels will love. It has a thicker nose and a blunt, beadless rim compared to our classic Omega. This configuration promotes a smooth release and gives the disc more stability for longer putt & approach shots, even in windy conditions. If you like the P2 or the Firefly, this disc is one you’ll want to try out. This is the 4.3 Run.

Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

ET is a variation of Millennium Standard plastic and has an extra tacky grip providing a confident grip in all weather conditions. ET plastic has gained popularity because of its tacky grip that makes the disc feel “seasoned” right of the shelf.

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