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Latitude Fuse - Opto

Latitude Fuse - Opto
Latitude Fuse - Opto
Latitude Fuse - Opto
Latitude Fuse - Opto
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Latitude Fuse - Opto

The Latitude 64 Opto Fuse is a very versatile stable mid range driver. It has been co-designed with pro, Jesper Lundmark. The Fuse has a stable, predictable flight pattern up to 90 meters (300 ft) and it can hold curves with minimal fade at the end. This superb mid range disc golf driver will fit in most players' bags.

Speed 5, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 0

Fuse Specs:
Diameter: 21.9 cm
Maximum weight: 181.8 gram
Height: 2.1 cm
Rim depth: 1.3 cm
Inside rim diameter: 19.3 cm
Rim thickness: 1.3 cm
Rim depth/ Diameter ratio: 5.9 %
Rim configuration ratio: 42.50
Flexibility rating: 8.28


Opto Line is the most durable plastic with beautiful translucent colors. It can withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

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