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Innova Eagle - Star INNfuse

Innova Eagle - Star INNfuse

The Innova Star INNfuse Eagle is a straight stable fairway driver. As Innova's original, professional level disc golf driver, it ushered in a new era for distance and reliability. The Eagle’s superior speed and predictable flight characteristics let you make confident and accurate long range power shots. The Eagle’s high speed turn is excellent for power turnover shots. Beginner friendly and versatile.

It is a great choice for first headwind driver, flex shots, and power turnover shots.

Speed 7, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 3

Diameter: 21.2 cm
Rim Width: 1.7 cm
Date of Approval: 03/12/99

About Star plastic in general - it has the durability of Champion plastic with the superior all-weather grip of Pro plastic. Star discs have the same flight rating characteristics of Champion discs, although some Star Lite discs may be slightly more high-speed stable. Star retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics.

INNfuse provides greater durability and higher visibility with large colorful designs that brings discs to life.

What others have said:

"My go to Driver. I can count on its stability in all situations. I use this disc as my go between a Roc and an Orc. Great from 325-400 for backhand and 250-325 for consistent forehands." - Dave Feldberg

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