Are you somewhat new to the sport of Disc Golf? You've tried it and want to know more? Here are some tips from Discraft on what to consider;

Discs like Clubs?
Golf discs, just like golf clubs, are designed to produce a variety of flight paths within a variety of playing conditions. Some are designed for maximum distance, some for highly controlled short distance shots, some to go straight, turn left or turn right. When choosing a disc, you want to consider the type of disc (long range, mid range, putter), its stability and weight. You'll find more about stability and weight below.

What's needed?
The game of disc golf can be played using just one multi purpose or mid range driver. These are easier to control than long range drivers. It's a good idea to start with a lighter weight as they are easier to control than heavier discs. Once you get the feel, you can try for more distance with a longer range driver. Although some discs are described as beginner friendly, they are not just for beginners! Many top pros use these same great discs.

Now, more about Stability...
Stability refers to disc's tendency to fly straight, turn right or turn left. Each Discraft disc has a Stability rating between -3.0 and +3.0. New players should look for discs with a stability rating of 1 or below and here is why....

Discs with stability ratings of +3.0 are very 'overstable' which means they have a strong tendency to turn left or 'hyzer,' they are difficult to control, and it's a challenge to keep them flying straight. They are not good for beginners.
Discs with stability ratings of -3 are very 'understable' which means they have a strong tendency to turn right, they are easy to control especially when the discs are new.
Discs with a stability rating of 0 fly relatively straight and hardly turn.
The bottom line for newer players is to look for discs with a lower stability rating, at or below 1.0.
Click here to read more about Stability. disc golf stability chart

And, what about Weight?
The Weight of a disc can also affect its Stability. As a beginner, it's better to start with lighter weights since they are easier to control. They won't have as strong a tendency to fade left or right. The rule of thumb is, a heavier version of any given disc will tend to be slightly more overstable (turn left) than a lighter version of the same disc. Many of the pro golfers on Team Discraft throw the heaviest discs available. That's fine for pros, but you will want to start with some lighter weights such as 166 grams

Some Discraft discs are also available in a special lightweight class known as the '150 Class.' These discs weigh 150 grams or less and are generally the lightest golf discs available. They can be very easy to throw, and will go a country mile! Give one a try.

Discraft's suggestions to Beginners for drivers, midrange and putt/approach discs.
Their top picks are at the top of each category. Enjoy!

DRIVERS (listed in order of Discraft's recommendations for new players)
Disc:Stability:Great For:Comments:
Stratus-1.0General PurposeFlies flat when new, very easy to control. Great for rollers.
Xpress-1.0General PurposeAn excellent choice for a first driver.
Glide-0.5Long LifeIf you like the high tech Z plastic, try a Glide
Impact0.0General PurposeFlies flat, or holds the line you put it on. Durable ESP.
Cyclone0.0Controlled DistanceA classic driver, thrown by thousands of players.
Eclipse0.0General PurposeOne of our most popular with new players.
Avenger SS0.5Long DistanceFor controlled bomb shots.
Nuke SS1.0Max DistanceThe longest beginner friendly driver
XL1.0General PurposeEasy to control, great distance.
XS1.0General PurposeThis former distance record holder is a sweet flier.
Spec1.0Long DistanceFlies farther with less effort
Stalker1.1General PurposeStalker is a great utility disc that you'll continue to use as your skills increase.
Flash1.5HeadwindsIf your course is often windy, try it. Also forehand drives.
Disc:Stability:Great For:Comments:
Buzzz0.5General PurposeBest golf disc ever. Hugely popular with all skill levels. Excellent accuracy.
Comet0.0General PurposeAnother contender for best golf disc ever. Goes where you throw it without argument.
Hawk0.0General PurposeIf you're not already carrying a Comet, you need a Hawk.
Meteor-0.5Turnovers shotsHolds an excellent line, amazing glide.
Disc:Stability:Great For:Comments:
Putt'r0.0Flies FlatGreat for putts and short drives.
Rattler0.0General PurposeThink of it as the Comet of putters. Easy to throw, goes where you send it. A deeper rim makes it harder to throw for small hands.
Soft APX0.0Consistent ReleaseA flat flier with excellent grip.
Magnet0.0General PurposeOur flagship putter is great to learn with, good in the wind too. Try the soft version.
Soft Focus0.0General Purpose

An outstanding putt and approach disc for any player.

Banger1.0Grip ConfidenceA unique putter with Groove Top 'gripability'
Soft Banger GT1.0Mega GripSoft and grippy, and the confidence inspiring Groove Top.


You will find more info on Discraft's Flight Path Guide and Discraft's Disc Info Chart.
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