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Prodigy Disc was founded by World Champion disc golfers with a combined 125 years of experience and with more than 25 World Titles among them. The group felt the need to develop more consistent disc golf discs that would compete on a distance field and offer longer flights on the tighter confines of a disc golf course. After two years of successful testing, Prodigy introduced consistent and accurate long distance drivers with the trademarked Easy Release Technology™ that cuts back on blisters and grip lock.

We carry discs these Prodigy plastics:

200 Series plastic is very versatile, a great entry level plastic due to its affordability and breaks in easier for advanced players to fine tune discs just the way they like them. It is Similar to the 300 series with less grip.
300 Series plastic is durable enough to take a solid impact, yet has the ability to be broken in over time. Developed to ensure optimum feel and grip for putt & approach and mid-range discs.
350G plastic has a unique tacky feel and increased stiffness. It stays grippy even in wet conditions. It’s for those who prefer a slightly stiffer plastic that will break in perfectly over time.
350RX or 350 Lite refers to discs between 140-159 grams. 350 is a soft, grippy plastic even in wet conditions. With amazing glide it feels and flies great and breaks in over time.
400 Series plastic is a premium blend that is extremely durable, unique blend feels good, looks good, brakes in over time, provides better grip even when it is wet.
400G Series plastic utilizes a unique formula to achieve lower weights, starting in the high 150s; makes discs more durable and requires more time to break it in.
450 Plastic is exclusive to special edition releases and in limited runs. It combines 400 plastic with various plastic technologies to provide a tackier grip, stiffer feel, and a slightly more durable composition. This plastic looks amazing, with its glossy finish and crystal clear color.
750 Series is similar in grip and texture to 400 series but with a firmer feel. This high-tech blend of premium resins will provide outstanding performance and predictability.

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