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Discmania Logic - Evolution Exo Hard

Discmania Logic - Evolution Exo Hard

The Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Logic is a stable putt & approach disc with a low-profile, ergonomic grip. Players that find the P2 or Link to be a bit too deep will surely enjoy how easy the Logic is to grip and control. It is very responsive to minor adjustments and is forgiving if you over-correct too much. Compared to the Link, it is a straighter flying disc golf putter and the beadless design will hold any line. Even as a putt & approach disc, it is great right off the tee. Make the logical choice and try one out for yourself! Available in Black, Blue, Pink, and White.

Speed 3, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

Evolution Exo Hard Line is rigid enough to retain its shape, even for players with a firm grip. It has a soft velvet feel making it reliable and comfortable to the touch.

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