DGA SP Line is DGA’s top end premium blend of plastic. SP Line plastic will take a little longer to beat in than other DGA plastic blends. The SP Line is DGA’s fastest plastic blend and produces slightly more stable flight characteristics. SP Line discs are transparent and have sparkle flakes suspended in the plastics. DGA was first to popularize sparkle flakes in their production offerings. Every DGA’s SP Line disc is not only aesthetically pleasing but will raise your game to its highest level.

DGA Flex or FLX blend of plastic makes SP Line discs gummier and a touch more stable than the usual SP Line models. The added grip and stability only help to improve a discs performance.

DGA ProLine plastic blends are tough, grippy and have incredible performance. ProLine discs are the work horses used by both the DGA ProLine and Arm Farm Teams. The DGA ProLine plastics are recommended for players that are looking for more grip and durability balanced with high performance flight qualities. ProLine style plastic will take less time to beat in and will obtain its intended flight characteristics faster than the SP Line. ProLine plastic is considered DGA’s middle tier plastic blend and is great for players of all skill levels!

DGA Signature Line plastic is known for its one of a kind rubber like blend and excellent plastic memory. The DGA Signature Line is ideal for school and camp environments. The rubbery plastic allows for both putting practice and playing catch between players. Signature line Plastic is also the safest plastic available making it ideal for school PE programs.

These are the discs that “Steady” Ed himself used while playing, and for good reason! These plastics stem from Ed’s research and development for a suitable material to use in the Wham-O Superball. DGA Signature Line discs are intended mostly for putt and approach purposes, but fly excellent off the tee as well. It is safe to say you will not find another line of discs out there with the same feel, flexibility and catching ability.

DGA D-Line plastic is blended with RDGA plastic. D Line discs are available in DGA’s standard weight ranges and are beginner friendly discs as well. D-Line plastic provides players with more control and added grip where needed. D-Line discs will beat in quickly and are considered more control style discs. This plastic is perfect for transitioning from the beginning stage of disc golf into a more advanced game.

DGA RDGA Line is made up of many of the same molds found in the ProLine and SP Line but these discs weigh 150 grams and are extremely easy to throw. The lighter plastic blend makes them much more beginner friendly. RDGA plastic provides players with more control and added grip in their beginning phases of disc golf. The lighter plastic means that players throwing with less arm speed will experience better results and learn how to control the flight of a disc more readily. RDGA Line discs are control style discs that are meant to be thrown with more finesse than power. This plastic blend is recommended for children, female golfers, and players new to the sport.