BT plastic has a great feel and is easier to grip than other plastics, especially for novice players. It is more economical but less durable than the higher-end VIP and Tournament plastics. Flight characteristics start out being comparable to VIP and Tournament plastics, but change over time as a disc breaks in.

Tournament plastic was designed with the experienced tournament player in mind. It has a tackier grip and is faster out of the hand. It has a softer feel and breaks in easier than VIP plastic. Not all shots are hyzers and sometimes you will have to shape shots.

VIP plastic is the most durable plastic. It has a tacky grip and glossy finish. This super resistant polymer withstands great force, holds its shape and maintains original flight characteristics throw after throw.

VIP Air plastic was designed to make throwing discs easier for players of all levels. It will give you more distance in most conditions. VIP Air has the same feel as VIP line but is just lighter due to the infused tiny air bubbles. The bubbles help the disc stay in the air longer. VIP Air is available in 160 grams and under in most molds. It's perfect for the recreational player to enjoy a more exciting game of disc golf.

Elasto plastic is a transparent and flexible plastic that is great in cold and hot climate conditions. It is similar to Latitude Frost plastic and Innova Gummy Champion