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MVP Octane - Proton

MVP Octane - Proton

The MVP Proton Octane is a high speed stable to understable distance driver. The 23 mm Class Octane falls in the general stability lineage of Switch, Amp, Inertia, and Wave, with a slow-turning profile that holds long and straight until its fade finish. It is designed to be relatively less understable than its 21.5mm counterpart Wave.

Power throwers will be able to hyzerflip the Octane for max distance and tailwind lines, while average throwers should see straight flights with a bit of shallow turn. This power responsive nature allows this disc golf driver to be used in a variety of lines and situations by adjusting power and release angles. With its high speed requirement and stable-understable nature at full speed, many average power players may find the Octane to be a suitable max distance stable-overstable driver.

The 23mm Class warp speed distance drivers have a super wide wing, deep grip, and increased dome built to cover some ground!

Octane Model Specs:
Class: 23mm Distance Driver
Weights: 164g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 23mm
PDGA max weight: 175.1g

Proton plastic - MVP's most durable plastic is impact abrasion resistant, very slow to wear, has a very long life and bright transparent colors with no contaminating weighting agents. Proton Soft is just softer.

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