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Axiom Pyro - Proton Prism

Axiom Pyro - Proton Prism

The Axiom Prism Proton Pyro is an overstable mid range driver. As a stock disc, it sports a triple-foil stamp. It has a Proton core and Prism rim resulting in a stunning dual-toned translucent disc golf driver. The  Pyro, Axiom’s first overstable mid range, has more glide than the MVP Deflector and a commanding stable finish. It has enough stability for consistent flights in strong winds and powerful throws without losing its line and turning off target.

Speed 4, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 1

Pyro Model Specs:
Class: 14.5mm Midrange Driver
Weights: 176g - 179g
Rim width: 14.5mm
PDGA max weight: 179g

Proton Plastic has premium looks and performance, high durability for a long consistent life, withstands the roughest conditions, bright transparent colors.

Prism discs have a translucent, durable, candy colored Proton plastic rim with or without sparkly flakes; available with Neutron, Plasma, or Proton cores.

Prism Proton is a combination of Proton plastic cores and durable translucent Prism rims made of Proton plastic which produce discs with truly stunning dual-toned effects.

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