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DGA Mach X No Frills

DGA Mach X No Frills

The DGA Mach X No Frills disc golf basket is permanent and not removable. Since it concretes straight away into the ground, it cannot be easily removed.

Mach X - the disc golf basket redefined.

Mach X Features

  • Unified chain design hub - the most unique and functional design feature of the Mach X. All strands of chain within this design are connected to one another through the single ring at the bottom of the chain area which acts as the hub. The Unified Chain Design works together to stop and catch the incoming disc.

  • 40 strands of chains
  • 3 rows of chains - 16 outer, 16 full-length inner and 8 smaller intermediate strands of chain.
  • Outer row of chains, called Soft Outer Chain Design, re-examines the “Soft Chain” concept first utilized by “Steady” Ed on some versions of Mach III’s in the early 1990’s. DGA determined that the principle still has merit when used in conjunction with other Mach X features. The “Soft Chain” creates an outer barrier of chain that doesn’t stop the disc, but slows it down just enough to envelop it. From there the firm inner chain stops the disc. This “Ying and Yang” of soft and firm chain is a perfect marriage of concepts.
  • Middle row of chains, called Reflex Chains, is a smaller strand of chain that has multiple benefits. The inward angle it creates as it approaches the connection ring acts as a guidance feature that redirects the disc downward, ensuring it comes to rest in the basket. The added benefit of this smaller strand of chain is that it closes the gap between the inner and outer sections of chain, assisting to prevent a “spit through” on putts that miss slightly left or right of center.

  • Recoil Chain Connector - Adding to the Unified Chain Design concept of the Mach X, DGA took the next step in basket development by connecting the inner and outer sections of chain together near the bottom of the chain assembly. This section of connected chain strands help to absorb the energy inflicted onto the soft outer chain section, allowing this chain to stay in position.
  • Inner Row of chains, called X-Pattern Inner Chain, is much like the core of the human body, the inner section of chain on the Mach X provides its strength. Stainless steel rings connect the continuous strands of chain to form an X pattern and work like a glove to stop the momentum of the disc, while protecting the disc from hitting the pole and causing “bounce outs”. The inner strands of chain also support the weight of the lower ring and outer strands of chain. This added weight puts more tension on the inner chain, helping to slow and stop the incoming disc.
  • M-Links - a new design feature in the chain holder allows the benefit of 16 outer strands of chain without the weight of additional support arms. The result is added performance and less weight. The M-Link design utilizes the sliding link design first brought to the sport by DGA with the Mach V.

  • Trapper Basket TB2 - features 2 outer trapper rings that increase strength and durability, narrower gaps eliminate wedging, increased depth to 10 inches.

The Mach III, Mach V and Mach X share these features

Available mounting options

  • No Frills - Permanent and Not Removable - cemented directly into the ground. Not easily removable.
  • Deluxe - Permanent and removable model with anchor and lockable collar.
  • Portable - Free standing and portable with its integrated industrial strength base wheel.

All Mach Series baskets share these features

  • PDGA Approved for championship level tournament play
  • Hot-dipped galvanized head-to-toe providing the ultimate all-weather protection
  • Chains attached with heavy duty "S" hooks to allow freer movement of chains.
  • Trapper Basket that prevents discs from rolling up and out of the basket. Once a disc hits the basket it stays there. Welded and hot-dipped galvanized, constructed with 3/8 inch steel rod. Attached 6" sleeve connects to pole using bolt, hex head nut and nylon insert locknut, hex head tec screw and internal tooth star lock washer (will not vibrate loose like one-way screws).
  • Pole - hot-dipped galvanized pipe, 66 in., 1 1/2 in. I.D., 1 15/16 in. O.D. drilled.
  • Guaranteed for 20 years against failure due to rust and corrosion

Multiple basket rates are available! Call 785-258-2494 or email [email protected] to get a quote.

The shopping cart will not calculate the shipping correctly for even one basket since they are packaged in multiple boxes plus the pole(s). Contact us for an accurate shipping quote. Thanks!

If you are ordering this basket along with other items, just order the other items and call us about the basket.

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