Innova DISCatcher Pro Model - Permanent

MSRP: $425

Our Price: $389.00

The Innova Permanent Pro Model DISCatcher is Permanent and Removable. It Includes:

* Quality materials - galvanized steel, galvanized chains, powder coated stainless steel, and stainless steel hardware mean the DISCatcher® Pro is in it for the long haul in all weather conditions. The bright yellow band improves visibility from a distance. It is equipped with 28 chains (14 outer, 7 intermediate, and 7 inner) that catch fast and slow putts, heavy and light discs. Champion certified by the PDGA.

* Top - the 4" tall yellow powder coated stainless steel chain rack with stainless steel hardware improves visibility and knocks down high putts. It is available in custom colors. It comes with 3" vinyl numbers that identify the holes and are easy to read at a distance. Specs - 13 gauge steel, 22" diameter x 4" outer band. 5/16" stainless steel rod frame. 4" x 1 15/16" I.D. tubing .156 wall, drilled and tapped collar. All joints welded. Decals affixed.

* Chains - 28 galvanized chains in three layers (14 outer, 7 intermediate, 7 inner). Hot-dip galvanized finish. 2/0 straight link coil chain.

* Basket - 9" deep with 14 spokes and 2 rings supports add strength and reduce the possibility of discs slipping out of the basket. Hot dip galvanized. Specs - 3/8" steel rod construction, 5"x115/16" I.D. tubing .156 wall, drilled and tapped collar. All joints welded.

* Pole - hot dip galvanized 74" made with 1/8" walls. Pre drilled for target top, basket and collar hardware. Specs - 74" x 1/8" O.D. galvanized steel pipe, .120 wall, drilled.

* Installation tube - a 24" sleeve provides a snug fit for the target at the PDGA approved height. It aligns with locking collar tab for security. Hot-dip galvanized finish. Specs - 24"x 1 15/16" I.D. tubing .095 wall.

* Locking Collar - a collar with locking tab fits securely over pole, is mounted with tamper resistant screws and protects your investment. Hot-dip galvanized finish. Specs - 3"x115/16" I.D. tubing .095 wall, drilled and tapped.

Note - Align padlock tab back toward the tee to have hole number decal face tee area. Innova recommend 60-80 lb of concrete for installation. Sprinkler Valve Box Covers make nice finishing treatments to sleeves. A removable cover both protects mowers from hitting the sleeve, and prevents dirt and rocks from going down the sleeve when target is not in this location. Lock, Sprinkler Valve Box, and concrete are not included.

* Available in a Portable Model too.

Multiple basket rates are available! Call 785-258-2494 or email to get a quote.

The shopping cart will not calculate the shipping correctly for even one basket since they are packaged in multiple boxes plus the pole(s). Contact us for an accurate shipping quote. Thanks!

If you are ordering this basket along with other items, just order the other items and call us about the basket.

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