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Night Golf

Night Golf is a ton of fun and a great way to keep the fun going even after the sun goes down! One way is to throw a glow in the dark disc. Simply expose your glow disc to virtually any light source, attach an LED light to a regular disc, or try models that have light-up features.

We have many glow in the dark disc golf discs from which to choose and several types of accessories to light up your discs and even the baskets.

Find disc golf lights for your discs and baskets then get out there and have some fun!

Brand: MVP
MVP Hive FIrefly Glow Vinyl Stickers - Are some of your go-to discs not in Eclipse plastic? Fear not, Firefly Glow Vinyl from Hive is here to save your night golf game! These glow vinyl stickers attach easily to any disc and provide a level of glow that, when exposed to UV light, is Eclipse 2.0 on t..
Brand: MVP
These are the new and improved MVP Tri-Lit LED Lights. These micro LED lights are designed to be taped to the center of a disc for night play but can be used in a variety of creative ways. Each unit features an on/off power switch. The multi-color option auto-cycles beautifully through a range of vi..
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