Discraft ESP Line Golf Discs

The ESP line has been redesigned with advanced plastic technology. The NEW ESP line by Discraft features improved durability and strength, tackier grip and unique swirl color combos. The 2018 versions showcase the new Universal Four Flight Number System with the current Discraft Stability Rating.

Discraft disc golf discs in ESP Plastic are ultra tough and have outstanding grip.

* advanced polymer plastic
* grippier than Z line
* higher durability then X line

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Discraft Avenger - ESP

The Discraft ESP Avenger is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver. It can be used by amateurs and pros alike. It can hold a line in the wind. You can throw it anhyzer and it will slowly fade back to a hyzer. Throw it …


Discraft Buzzz - ESP

The Discraft ESP Buzzz is a straight flying stable to slightly overstable mid range driver (0.5). In comparison the Pro D has a stability of 0.0 (stable). It has quickly become one of the most popular discs of all time. This …


Discraft Buzzz - ESP SuperColor - Ice Bowl 2018

This Discraft ESP SuperColor Buzzz features an Ice Bowl 2018 logo created by artist John Dorn. There are limited quantities on hand and will not be reproduced when gone. The Discraft ESP SuperColor Buzzz is a straight flyi…


Discraft Crank - ESP

The Discraft ESP Crank is a moderately overstable maximum distance driver (1.3). The results of months of research, the Crank is wicked fast yet incredibly controllable and suitable for most skill levels. Its narrower rim fit…


Discraft Heat - ESP

The Discraft ESP Heat is a stable maximum distance driver (0.0). This disc golf driver offers the most promising distance for developing players! The Heat has been hailed as a breakthrough for its ability to deliver big dista…


Discraft Machete - ESP

The Discraft ESP Machete is an extremely overstable maximum distance driver (2.2). The low profile of the Machete is built to slice through the wind and into chains with unparalleled predictability. Use it with brute force to…


Discraft NUKE - ESP

The Discraft ESP NUKE is a moderately overstable maximum distance driver (1.6). This high performance disc is a game changer! The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give the NUKE a huge distance advantage and…


Discraft NUKE SS - ESP

The Discraft ESP NUKE SS is an overstable maximum distance driver (1.0). This disc golf driver delivers virtually effortless distance for newer players with lower arm speed. The NUKE SS gives developing players the means to g…


Discraft Punisher - ESP

The Discraft ESP Punisher is a very fast overstable maximum distance driver (1.7). It performs best with lots of power behind it. The design goal was to create a max distance driver that fits between the Crank and the Force i…


Discraft Surge - ESP

The Discraft ESP Surge is a moderately overstable maximum distance driver (1.7). Whether you’re throwing downwind or into a moderate headwind, the Surge delivers maximum distance while remaining highly controllable. What make…


Discraft Thrasher - ESP

The Discraft ESP Thrasher is an understable maximum distance driver (0.4). This disc golf driver is very fast but not flippy. It responds like lightning to average arm speeds and is very forgiving of release problems. Slower …


Discraft Undertaker - ESP

The Discraft ESP Undertaker is an overstable distance driver (1.4). It is very versatile for experienced and advanced players. This straight flier doesn't get flippy for power throwers, isn't hard to control for low-power pla…


Discraft Zone - ESP

The Discraft ESP Zone is an extremely overstable putt and approach disc (2.0). The low profile and overstable flight path make this disc golf disc unique among the Discraft putters. Advanced players love the fact that it will…


Discraft Zone - ESP Swirly - Limited Edition Les White Designs

The Discraft Limited Edition Swirly ESP Zone Gallery Collection features artwork by Les White. This limited edition series comes in four unique designs: Robo Zone, Robo Dab, Lil Robo and Machine Time. All are 173-74 grams. …