* Moderately Overstable is a term that describes a disc's flight pattern.
* Overstability, the tendency to turn left, is the more natural flight path for sharp edged discs.
* Overstable discs have a positive rating from 1(for a subtle fade) to 3 (for a hard turn).
* Moderately Overstable discs tend to turn to the left when thrown flat, straight, with average power for right handed back hand throws (RHBH). Opposite for lefties.
* These Moderately Overstable discs have Discraft Stability ratings of +1.0 to +1.7.
* Considered "Advanced," for players with at least some experience.

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Discraft Nuke - Z CryZtal - FHO '14

This Discraft CryZtal Z Nuke is a fundraiser for the Inaugural Flint Hills Open, 2014. Available in 170-174 grams. CryZtal clear colors are clear, yellow, orange and red. Type your preferences in the color field. CryZtal p…


Discraft Buzzz OS - Z Glo - Memorial

This Limited Edition Z Glo Buzzz OS is a fundraiser disc to benefit the 2015 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. Only 2000 made. All weights are heavy. About the Z Buzzz OS: The Discraft Elite Z Buzzz OS is …