* Extremely Overstable is a term that describes a disc's flight pattern.
* Overstability, the tendency to turn left, is the more natural flight path for sharp edged discs.
* Discraft overstable discs have positive ratings from 1(for a subtle fade) to 3 (for a hard turn).
* Extremely Overstable discs tend to turn sharply to the left when thrown flat, straight and with average power for right handed back hand throws (RHBH). Opposite for lefties. The higher the speed of release, the less sharp the turn.
* These extremely overstable discs have Discraft Stability Ratings of +1.8 to +3.0.
* Considered "Expert," for players with significant experience and high speed release.

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Discraft Zone - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Zone is an putt and approach disc with a low profile and overstable flight path which makes it unique among the Discraft putters. Advanced players love the fact that It will hold the line without flipping o…