DGA ProLine plastic blends are tough, grippy and have incredible performance. ProLine discs are the work horses used by both the DGA ProLine and Arm Farm Teams. The DGA ProLine plastics are recommended for players that are looking for more grip and durability balanced with high performance flight qualities.

ProLine style plastic will take less time to beat in and will obtain its intended flight characteristics faster than the SP Line. ProLine plastic is considered DGA’s middle tier plastic blend and is great for players of all skill levels!

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DGA AfterShock - ProLine

The DGA ProLine AfterShock is a stable to slightly overstable midrange driver golf disc. It is a less overstable variation of the DGA Shockwave. The AfterShock features are good glide, control and extreme versatility. It hold…


DGA Breaker - ProLine

The DGA Breaker - ProLine is an overstable putt and approach disc that is also great for midrange shots and will predictably “break” for the basket as desired. The disc’s low flat profile combined with the easy grip top will …


DGA Hellfire - ProLine

The DGA Hellfire ProLine is an overstable fairway driver. Tested by power throwers, this disc golf disc maintains a consistent hyzer line and will not turn over, making it a reliable choice in windy conditions. Backhand throw…


DGA Pipeline - ProLine

The DGA ProLine Pipeline is an overstable fairway driver. The Pipeline has the control attributes of the Tsunami, the comfort release feel of the Undertow, and a sprinkling of some magic plastic pellets for safe measure makin…


DGA Rogue - ProLine

The DGA ProLine Rogue is a maximum distance driver that combines both control and distance, while maintaining a predictable flight path. For low to medium arm speeds, this disc works perfectly for straight shots that do not r…


DGA Sail - ProLine

The DGA ProLine Sail is an understable distance driver that was designed to give beginners with slow arms the ability to get great control and extra distance out of their drives. The Sail produces effortless glide, allowing p…


DGA Squall - ProLine

The DGA ProLineSquall is a revolutionary midrange driver that is slightly understable. It features a driver-like grip, smooth release, incredible speed and control for hyzer, anhyzer and straight shots. It will hold very long…


DGA Starter Set - Pro 3 Piece Set - ProLine

The DGA ProLine 3pc Starter Set is perfect for experienced players or beginners looking for a professional set of golf discs. This set includes the ProLine Rogue distance driver, Squall midrange and Titanic disc golf putter a…


DGA Titanic - ProLine

The DGA Titanic ProLine is a slightly overstable putt and approach disc. It is perfect for down hill putts and is consistent enough for short to medium approach shots. It holds its flight path well on windy days. More ov…


DGA Torrent - ProLine

The DGA ProLine Torrent is an overstable high speed distance driver that is controllable at high speeds. Featuring a comfortable wide rim, the Torrent will feel great in anyone’s hand and ensure a proper release. It is DGA's …


DGA Tremor - ProLine

The DGA ProLine Tremor is an understable midrange. It has amazing glide and offers buttery straight to anhyzer lines. Advanced players are able to “power down” the Tremor to receive max distance and control, especially in tig…


DGA Tremor - ProLine John Dorn First Flight

DGA features the Limited Edition John Dorn designed artwork on this First Flight version of the Tremor. The DGA ProLine Tremor is an understable midrange. It has amazing glide and offers buttery straight to anhyzer lines. …


DGA Undertow - ProLine

The DGA Proline Undertow is an understable fairway driver that was designed for increased control. The Undertow is a complement to it's over stable cousin, the Tsunami, and can be used for an assortment of different shots! It…


DGA Hurricane - ProLine

The DGA Hurricane ProLine is a maximum distance driver, stable and great for players of all skill levels. The Hurricane was designed for players looking to add more distance to their driving game. It is the furthest flying an…