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Lightning was one of the first and therefore one of the oldest manufacturers on the disc golf scene. The unique thing about Lighting discs is the hotstamps on top of the discs tell the story! Each hotstamp portrays the model, the type of disc and its flight pattern. Many models have a unique marble look in various colors; many float in water and/or glow in the dark and at no extra cost. All are very affordable. There is a model for every kind of shot. Many are beginner friendly. Lightning Discs are made in Dallas TX, USA.

If you want a GLOW disc, please indicate that in the color preference field.

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Brand: Lightning
The Lightning Large Lite holds about 18 discs, has a zippered pocket on the back, open pocket on t he front, mesh drink holder and pencil pockets on the sides. Inside divided into 3 compartments by plastic dividers, has one inside pocket with velcro closure. The bottom is reinforced with solid plast..
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