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Legacy Rival - Special Blend - Alex Lyon - Lions Rage

Legacy Rival - Special Blend - Alex Lyon - Lions Rage

This is the Legacy Rival - Alex Lyon - Lions Rage. The Lion's Rage is an amazing unique blend and truly one of a kind. Legacy has added elements to its formulated structure for a longer life span made special for the touring player. This Rival was made to Grind through all the elements of the sport just as our touring players do. It has stability to take the winds, and a grip for moisture. The Rim is comfortable and of great thickness to be used for long fairway drives or a short forehand in the woods. This is the perfect tool to have in your bag!

The Legacy Rival is an overstable fairway driver. It provides a straight flight with reliable fade in calm conditions and against a headwind when needed. Power throwers will find the Rival well-suited in the stable fairway slot, and newer or average throwers will find the Rival to be a useful go-to disc for gentle fades. This disc golf driver is a great weapon for headwinds and control shots. The Rival will hold a straight flight with a slow fade at the end. Distance with pin-point accuracy.

Speed 7, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2

Pinnacle plastic is very durable, long lasting and faster than Protégé. It is consistent in all weather conditions. It produces a slow curve at the end of a shot instead of a big hook.

Legend is premium plastic that is durable and grippy. It has a shiny, metallic look.

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