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Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee

Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee
Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee
Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee
Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee
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Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee

The Hero Disc SuperStar is made in the USA in conjunction with the master molders at Innova Champion Discs. These K-9 Candy discs feature puncture and bite resistant champion plastic in a wide range of vivid eye catching translucent colors.

The SuperStar is 235 mm in diameter and weighs 132 grams +/- 2 grams. Guaranteed to give you more game time with your favorite companion.

"This is a very durable disc and has lasted well over a year playing with 2 hard biting dogs. After a year there were no punctures or rim cracks. They do after repeated use show bite marks. Only the Super Hero is more durable. I wanted a disc that was opaque white for contrast with dark backgrounds like trees and grass. I switch to the black when throwing against a pale sky. I have noticed that my fingers tuck in pretty tightly inside the rim giving the throw lots of distance because of the great snap I get off my fingers. I use the Super Star Swirl for shows because how colorful and unusual they are. This is a heavy disc so maybe not the best choice for strong tailwinds. I own 30 of these discs - 10 white-10 black-10 swirl." Review Roody Roo on 10/26/10

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