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Gateway Warlock - Nylon Alloy - Brian Allen

Gateway Warlock - Nylon Alloy - Brian Allen

This Gateway Nylon Alloy Warlock features artwork by Brian Allen.

The Gateway Nylon Alloy Warlock is a stable putt & approach disc just like the Wizard but without the signature bead. As a result, the Warlock is dead-straight stable out of the box and behaves like a broken-in Wizard, and has a later low-speed fade when thrown hard. A great disc golf putter to complement your Wizard.

Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

Warlock Specs:
Diameter: 21.1 cm
Max Weight: 175.00 gram
Height: 2.3 cm
Rim Depth: 1.6 cm
Rim Width: 1.0 cm

What others have said:

"With the Warlock, I didn't have to worry as much about my natural tendency to putt with a hyzer release since the disc would fly straighter than a Wizard during it's flight...I was able to aim more towards the middle of the basket allowing for less wide-right misses. I am already pleased with the way the Warlock flies on a rope with just a touch of dependable fade at the end of it's flight, and I'm very anxious to see how the Warlock will perform once I beat what little fade it now has out of it...should be an awesome straight-to-right-turn putter/approach disc! " - Evan

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