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Discmania Link - Evolution Exo Hard

Discmania Link - Evolution Exo Hard

The Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Link is a stable putt and approach disc. With the Link you can feel total connection between you and the basket, total confidence putting, and complete control on how your putt affects your score. For a putter it has a stable flight that can take on lots of spin and will glide to the basket without fading out too soon. It is the perfect all around disc golf putter for beginners and seasoned pros alike. The Link features a big bead on the rim giving a comfortable feel and helps glide out of the hand easily. It is shorter than the P2 while not being short enough to qualify as low profile. With its straight flight, you can rely on it for any upshot on the green. This putter can crush any hyzer or anhyzer line with enough glide to carry clear down the fairway.

Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

Evolution Exo Hard Line is rigid enough to retain its shape, even for players with a firm grip. It has a soft velvet feel making it reliable and comfortable to the touch.

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