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Discraft Stalker - Z

Discraft Stalker - Z

The Discraft Z Stalker is a stable/overstable exta long range fairway driver (1.1). This disc golf driver offers dependable control, durability, and soft landings with minimal skip for the average player. Many players simply don't have the skill or power to use mega distance drivers to their full potential. They need the Stalker. It offers players a dependably straight distance driver. It forgives small release errors and won't skip away from the target on impact. It is suitable for all skill levels.

Z plastic provides the truest flights as ratings are based on Z models. It is the most durable, longest lasting, slowest to season and makes a disc more overstable than D and X models.

What others have said:

"This is the disc I can easily say is my "go to", my "money maker". I have one that is beat in that flies perfect for tunnel shots. Release it on a slight hyzer with a little snap and it pops right up and flies dead straight." - World Champ Paige Pierce
"The Stalker is money, and my favorite controlled driver. When you must stay straight, but you need a good distance shot, grab this disc." - Mike Randolph
"Perfect all around driver. Stalker will do exactly what I want it to do. It will go left, right and straight with relative ease. It doesn't crash hard and doesn't flip too quickly. Almost like a long midrange. Like I said... perfect." - Nate Krahn
"Pure flight characteristics and the perfect speed between the driver and midrange. Stalker has just the right stability for stand up hyzers, dead straight gliders, or an easy anhyzer that will still tail back at low speed." - 2009 US Am Champion Blaine Kinkel

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