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Discraft Mantis - Z

Discraft Mantis - Z

The Discraft Z Mantis is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver (0.8). The Mantis is lightweight and domey with a lower profile to the nose. This makes it even more controllable at medium to slower speeds while delivering a lofty glide. You can throw it hard for a "S" distance shot or send it straight with slower speeds. Experienced players can use the Mantis as a utility disc and newer players will love the controlled distance. This disc golf driver is good for straight thumber shots too!

Z plastic provides the truest flights as ratings are based on Z models. It is the most durable, longest lasting, slowest to season and makes a disc more overstable than D and X models.

What others have said:

"A nice true flier that does a bit over everything, but mostly just stick straight. Mantis bridges the gap from mid to driver for me." - Michael Johansen
"Manits will fly really straight without a ton of power. It is controllable, and a go to driver for me when the fairway is tight and I need that straight flight." - Matthew Blakely

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