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Discmania FD - Originals C Line

Discmania FD - Originals C Line

This is the Discmania Originals C Line FD Reinvented.

The Discmania C Line FD is a stable fairway driver, the first true fairway driver for Discmania. The FD is famous for its controllable straight flight path combined with high glide. Its best feature is its predictability and has a place in everyone's bag. Packed with tremendous glide, it can also be sneaky long if thrown accordingly. This disc golf driver is at its best when you need to make an accurate drive and land smoothly on the fairway.

New Flight Numbers (As of 03/16/2022):

Speed 7, Glide 6, Turn 0, Fade 1

Originals C-Line Plastic - durable Italian made blend, unmatched grip and flight performance, transparent colors.

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