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Good Dog GroundBound Knee Pads (10mm) - Black Zombie

Good Dog GroundBound Knee Pads (10mm) - Black Zombie

This is the Good Dog GroundBound - Black Zombie. It is a collaborative design involving GDDG, Black Zombie, and Samanticore Productions.

Good Dog Disc Golf's GroundBound is a single knee pad designed with disc golfers in mind. Whether crawling through sticker bushes or battling a rocky fairway, it will be there to protect your knees when that hard shot requires extra concentration. At 10mm, the GroundBound meets PDGA thickness requirements. And at 14cm in diameter, it can also be used as a marker. These great disc golf accessories fit easily in your bag, pocket, or on the provided carabiner.

GroundBounds are made of high quality hatched neoprene, giving it a nice grip on hard surfaces and is bias stitched around its edge to reduce chipping and fraying.

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