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Axiom Discs

Axiom Discs was launched in January 2014 as the more aesthetically and conceptually colorful companion brand to MVP Disc Sports. Axiom offers a focus on style with vibrant color combinations of the GYRO™ Overmolded Rims, new stamp series and foils as well as a unique set of disc models to complement the MVP lineup.

Axiom Discs are produced and distributed by MVP Disc Sports. They have their own unique models based on MVP’s signature GYRO™ Overmold Technology. MVP and Axiom share two of the same plastic types, the vivid-colored translucent Proton, and opaque Neutron. Unlike MVP Disc Sports, Axiom Discs come in a variety of colors, creating a unique dual-color look.

The aesthetics of the GYRO™ rim coupled with premium central cores have always had an appeal to throwers, disc dyers, and custom shops. The creative community in disc golf has embraced the look of GYRO™.

Skulboy designs are featured on some Axiom models as well as some MVP and Legacy Discs models. To find a list of all models with Skulboy designs, type 'Skulboy' in the search box and it will populate a full list.

Axiom and MVP share these same lines of plastic:

Proton - highly durable plastic, abrasion resistance from impact, very slow wear, very long consistent life, bright transparent colors with no contaminating weighting agents, Transparent Optic™ Effect offers improved visibility in low-light conditions and lighted night throwing, Opaque Neon™ Neutron plastic overmold.

Neutron - premium polymer blend, same great durability of Proton, wide variety of vivid high-contrast opaque colors, Neon™ Effect for easy-to-spot colors in any terrain, unique look and feel, reliable performance in all conditions, available in soft option.

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