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Axiom Proxy - Cosmic Electron Soft

Axiom Proxy - Cosmic Electron Soft

The Axiom Cosmic Electron Soft Proxy is a straight-stable putt and approach disc. It shares the Envy mold’s core, lending the same low-profile feel and solid grip, along with a short wing width and wide flight plate diameter for superior glide. This disc golf putter sets itself apart from the Envy with a remarkably straight forward-fading finish. A bit of high-speed turn potential allows the Proxy’s lines to be manipulated over a broad range of power, and helps less powerful throwers achieve straight putter drives.

Speed 3, Glide 3.5, Turn -1, Fade 0.5 (Flight numbers differ some from the Neutron Proxy)

Proxy Model Specs:
Class: 10mm Putt Approach
Weights: 165g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 10mm
PDGA max weight: 174.3g
Released on 12-12-2014

Electron plastic is premium baseline material that has a chalky feel for superb grip. It has glide-enhancing properties on the surface that softens the low-speed stability with wear.

Electron Soft gives even more signature grip in inclement weather or for those who prefer more flex, and actually firms up a bit in the cold, making it perfect for winter rounds.

Cosmic Electron plastic has the traditional grip and durability of Electron material with eye-popping waves of color from multi-color injection technology.

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