Westside World - VIP and VIP Air

MSRP: $16.95

Our Price: $14.95

The Westside VIP and VIP Air World is a speed 14 overstable distance driver for big arms.

The VIP World has a tacky grip and a nice glossy finish. Being the most durable plastic, it can withstand great force, hold its shape and maintain its original flight characteristics.

The VIP Air World is lighter yet feels the same as the VIP. Infused with tiny air bubbles, it stays in the air longer giving you more distance. It's easier to throw for all skill levels. It's perfect for the recreational player to enjoy a more exciting game of disc golf.

The World in general has a low profile, a great feel. Overstable and fast in all conditions, it holds a hyzer line for anyone. Compared to the Giant, the World gives you more speed and distance thanks to small improvements, especially in the upper mold's design.

The World gets there fast and flies great close to the ground. You can count on the World to get you further down the fairway right away.

Speed: 14 Glide: 4 Turn: 1 Fade: 4

Official specifications
Max weight 176.0 grams.
Diameter 21.2 cm.
Height 1.6 cm.
Rim depth 1.2 cm.
Rim thickness 2.4 cm.
Inside rim diameter 16.3 cm.
Rim depth/diameter ratio 5.7.
Flight plane thickness 0.2 cm.
Flight plane to rim plane distance 1.4 cm.
Rim configuration 28.00.
Flexibility 10.55.
PDGA certificate number 13-70.

Available in VIP, VIP Air, Tournament and Elasto plastic.

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