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Streamline Stabilizer - Neutron

Streamline Stabilizer - Neutron

The Streamline Neutron Stabilizer is a stable/overstable putt & approach disc. It is the second putter from Streamline Discs.

The Stabilizer compliments the Pilot in that it has similar feel and depth, but it has a slightly raised shoulder and a more pointed nose producing a flatter and more stable disc golf putter. The Stabilizer's defining characteristics are straight flights, minimal turn, and strong finishing fade. Point and shoot accuracy on the approach.

Off the tee, the Stabilizer produces straight to overstable flights that can handle windy situations. Good for power shots and forehand techniques. On the approach, you get consistently stable flights and reserved glide. As for putting, the Stabilizer is straight flying with a touch more stability than the Pilot for more control in gusty conditions.

Speed 3, Glide 3.5, Turn 0, Fade 3

Stabilizer Specs:
9.5mm Putt / Approach class
Weights: 165g - 175g
PDGA max weight: 175g
Rim width: 9.5mm
Diameter: 21.2cm

Neutron Plastic - premium material for look and feel, widest selection of bright opaque colors, easy to find in any terrain, same Proton durability, more grip.

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