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Mint Discs is an Austin, TX based disc golf manufacturer founded in 2015. After 2 years of development and research they launched with their first disc, the Alpha in 2017(April 21).

What started out as a dream, has turned into a dedication to do things with detail. From their unique Serial # system to their focus on providing a canvas for quality artwork on discs, they want to turn every good idea into a great one.

Right now, they are focused solely on disc production and local community growth of their brand. With the goal to build lasting relationships, ones that tell the story of MINT and help spur more growth for disc golf in the region.

Mint is available in these Plastic Types:

Apex - is designed for top of the line grip without sacrificing durability. This blend has slightly more glide helping it to carry forward. Apex is typically comes in a wide array of opaque colors.  White(or any light color) Apex is also their recommended color if you want to add your own tie-dye to your discs.

Eternal - Tough, durable and reliable - this plastic blend is designed to take a beating on the course. No more wincing in pain when your favorite disc hits the tree 5 feet in front of you. It comes in a clear "candy" look that will stand out boldly in the fairway(or trees).

Nocturnal - This is their glow plastic line. This is essentially their eternal plastic with glow material added in.

Royal - is their "pro grade" plastic. The benefit to this plastic over Sublime, Apex or Eternal is the superior grip in all conditions. The tacky feel is uniquely soft yet firm. Royal plastic is also an ideal option if you want to it to wear in or "season" faster. Typically this type of plastic will get a straighter flight as it wear's in and loses it's high speed stability.

Sublime - With the optimal mix of grip and durability this plastic will typically have an vibrant Metallic look or glimmering Sparkle effect.

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