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Millennium Aquarius - Standard

Millennium Aquarius - Standard

The Millennium Standard Aquarius is an understable distance driver that FLOATS IN WATER. It's made of an extra stiff yet grippy Standard plastic in weights 151-159 grams. The Aquarius is a disc golf driver for all skill levels. Speed and high glide give low-power arms increased distance and powerful arms the confidence to clear big water hazards with control.

When released level it has a long curved flight path. Released with a hyzer, it will stand up and fly with a more stable line and fade finish. The Aquarius will out-drive other floating discs and can reach extreme distances with a tailwind.

Get an Aquarius in your bag and don't let a water hazard intimidate you from going long.

Speed 8, Glide 5, Turn -3, Fade 2 (Flight Numbers have changed from the previous run.)

Millennium Standard is a premium plastic that combines precision grip, scuff-resistance and durability at affordable price.

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