Understable is a term that describes a disc's flight pattern, i.e. where it lands compared to from where it was thrown.

* Understable discs tend to turn to the right when thrown flat, straight and with average power for right handed back hand throws (RHBH). Opposite for lefties. They tend to turnover or slice in the direction of the spin during the initial stages of the flight. (All spinning discs tend to fall opposite their spin at the end of their flight as they lose speed).
* Understable discs tend to turn in proportion to the speed of release. A fast released disc goes into the direction of its spin longer and further before it eventually falls off to left at the tail end of its flight. A slow released disc will not see much movement in the direction of the spin and will fly straight and fall off opposite the spin direction as it loses speed.
* Easiest for new players to control, and will provide the most distance for beginning disc golfers.
* Great for beginners but used by pros and experienced players for various specialty shots.
* Use understable discs for anhyzer shots on a dogleg right or for roller shots.
* Understable discs should not be used in a headwind as they are too unpredictable.

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